Android Apps to automate life

I use my phone as a PDA more than anything else.  I want it to help me remember things and to remind me of things, and I like apps that help me automate simple routines so I don’t have to think about them.

  • AutomateIt.  This app allows you to create rules which are pairs of Triggers and Actions and is a lot easier than Tasker.  It has several pre-built and many available from other users, like Volumes off at 11pm and Volumes on at 7am.  Here are mine:
    • Speak an alert when disconnecting from my car bluetooth.
    • Start the application Screen Filter weekdays at 11pm. This dims my screen for bedtime reading.  I also have the Rule to kill the application at 7am.
    • Speak the words “Please plug me in!” when the battery gets below 10%.

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